Lesley’s Family Photos

We met the lovely Lesley of Smidegbox Designs and her adorable family at Second Beach in Stanley Park for some family photos. Lesley was named Vancouver’s Top Mom Blogger by Vancouver Mom in May. As part of her prize we gave Lesley a session with us and a credit for prints and we were so glad we did! Lesley’s family are a delight to be around. When they arrived her son ran right up to us to show us his toy van he brought with him. We couldn’t help giggling when we found out his favourite car is the Ford Windstar! Lesley’s daughter is such a sweetie with her fierce independence and love of birds. We could have easily hung out with them all day. Thank you, Lesley, for such a great session and for the cookies at the end!

Holly & Roger

Big Leaps!

Digging in the sand.

Big Hugs!

More hugs!


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