Little Twins

Oh my goodness, these precious little newborn twin brothers were so incredibly cute. We were so excited (and a wee bit nervous) about photographing our first set of newborn twins. Their lovely mom won the best portrait contest that we had organized for Mother’s day with Lusso Baby. She was pregnant at the time with these little gems so we waited until the boys arrived before doing the portraits. We wanted to be sure that the boys were as comfortable as possible so that the shoot went smoothly and we’re happy to report that it did! We decided to just use the gorgeous available light we have in our studio rather than our studio lights. That way we didn’t disturb the twins with bright lights flashing about. We also kept our studio warm and cosy and made sure that they were lying on something really comfy and soft.  The boys were wonderful and slept right through the session. Thank you to such a lovely family for a fabulous shoot. We hope to see you all again next time you’re in Vancouver!

Holly & Roger

Aren’t they ridiculously cute?

Such a sweet family.

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