Our First Tiny Light, Little Nicholas

We were very excited to head out and do our first family portrait session for the Tiny Light Foundation. Our first Tiny Light was the adorable little Nicholas who was born a month early on Christmas day. Just 2 weeks after he was born Nicholas was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Nicholas’ mom, Sheryl, wrote into the Tiny Light Foundation hoping for some cute baby photos of Nicholas. We were so happy to head to their home and help capture Nicholas in his tiny and sweet stage of life. Nicholas’ big brother, Jake, was also adorable smothering his little brother with lots of love.

Thank you, Sheryl, Jake & Nicholas for welcoming us into your home. We really enjoyed spending time with you.  We hope we’ll get to see you all again soon.

Holly & Roger

I loved how Nicholas’ golden hair was glowing in the sunlight. So so cute.

Isn’t he precious?

Proud big brother and pretty cute himself, Jake.

Nicholas is such a little sweetie.

These photos of the boys together are so sweet.

This is one of my favourite photos from the session.

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