Little Daniel, A Tiny Light

Last week we photographed our second Tiny Light, little Daniel who was born with a heart condition and had to undergo surgery in his first few days of life. When we met this precious little guy, he was 14 days old. He was on the mend and doing really well, which warmed our hearts. Daniel comes from a large family and has 6 big brothers and sisters. Having all 9 members of the family in our studio was so fun. They really burst our studio into life. I asked Daniel’s parents, Amery & Christiane, if their house is ever quiet. Amery told me that when it is, they know the kids are getting into trouble. We really enjoyed meeting this remarkable family. Daniel is surrounded by a lot of love, that is for sure.

Thank you, Christiane, Amery, Daniel, Stephanie, Michelle, Emilie, Cole, Jacob & Andrew, for a great photo session.

Holly & Roger

Daniel supported by his family.

Isn’t he sooo cute?

A cry and a cuddle from Dad.

Little Daniel with his Mom & Dad

Don’t you love all of his hair?

The whole family!

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