Cindy & Vincent’s Family Photos


On a sunny evening Roger had the pleasure of photographing Cindy & Vincent’s family photos. We photographed their wedding in 2007 and Roger photographed them again in 2009 when their first daughter, Rachel, was a baby. Since then Cindy & Vincent have a new addition to their family, little Mia, so it was time for new photos. Cindy & Vincent live in the U.S. so Roger is honoured that they think of him for family photos when they are home visiting their family in the summer. For this session Cindy’s parents came, along with her brother and her sister and her family. The cousins are just so cute together. Roger photographed the families in the evening when the light is the nicest. Cindy and her sister even changed the kids sleeping pattern so that they wouldn’t be too tired during the session. Here are some of our favourites.

Holly & Roger



Aren’t the girls SO cute?

The cousins are adorable together.

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