State of the Union: What We’re Thankful For

I’ve been thinking for a while about a new series for the blog and what I should call it. Earlier this week I thought of the title State of the Union and you know what? The very next day my girlfriend, Tanya, called to tell me that she had the very same idea for a series of posts for our blog. Well, if that isn’t a sign from the universe, I don’t know what is. Usually, being my perfectionist self, I would want to iron out all the details and know the ins and outs of what I would post and when etc etc etc. After reading Steven Pressfield’s books I realized the most important thing with any new creative project is to just begin. So, here we go with our first State of the Union post. What exactly will we be covering with this series of posts? I’m not exactly sure. Hopefully it will be informative and entertaining to you all.

Since it is Thanksgiving this weekend I thought we’d start our first State of the Union post by sharing what we are thankful for. As I was sitting and thinking about it I realized that we have a lot to be thankful for. As Roger and his family always say, life is good and indeed it is. We are thankful for getting to do this incredible work that we love with all of hearts and to get to do it together. Even after 7 years of working together we still pinch each other to be sure we’re not dreaming. We are thankful to every one of our Union Members (i.e. our lovely clients) who believe in us and trust us to capture their memories of their journey in life. We are thankful for our dear family and friends who love us and cheer us on. We are thankful to live in this gorgeous part of the world and to live this life of┬áprivilege┬áthat comes with living in Canada. We are thankful for our health and for the health of our dear ones. We are thankful that 9 years ago we met each other on a dance floor.

We hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you will take a moment to reflect upon what you are thankful for in this crazy amazing life that we lead.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (or as Roger likes to say, Happy Spanksgiving!)! Gobble, gobble!

Holly & Roger

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