Little Ollie


We were so excited to get to meet the newest member of our Union family, little Ollie, son of the lovely Gabi & Mike. Ollie is an adorable little guy with big chubby cheeks and a gorgeous gummy smile. We loved seeing how happy Gabi & Mike are and to see them full of love for Ollie. We feel so honoured to help Gabi & Mike capture these amazing milestones in their life together.

Congratulations, Gabi & Mike, on the arrival of Ollie. He is so so cute! We hope we’ll see you all again soon.

Holly & Roger


What ya doing, Roger?

Come on, Ollie, give us a smile!

I won’t smile for you, Holly. I look too dashing in my cardigan and don’t want to ruin my image!

That’s what I needed! Kisses from my Dad, tickling me with his Movember mo.

And some snuggles from my Mom.

In the end all of the excitement of the shoot tuckered little Ollie out.

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