Steve & Jordanne & little Lucas


We were so excited when our super fabulous web developer, Steve, told us this he and his wife Jordanne were expecting their first child. We had Steve & Jordanne in the studio in December so that Roger could capture some maternity portraits of beautiful Jordanne. When their son, Lucas, arrived we headed over to their home when Lucas was just 11 days to take some newborn portraits of his tiny cuteness. It was so lovely for us to see how happy Jordanne & Steve are and we adored meeting Lucas. He is so so cute.

Congratulations, Steve & Jordanne, on the birth of your son. We are so very happy for you three!

Holly & Roger


Isn’t Lucas so adorable?

Hanging onto Dad

More major cuteness. Poor Jordanne & Steve had to listen to us constantly comment on Lucas’ adorableness.

Lucas’ tiny little feet

Quit bugging me, Roger, I’m trying to sleep!

Kisses from Mom

So much joy

What a lovely family

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