Baby & Family Photos at Home: Little Alexa

We were so touched when Sheryl booked us to take some baby photos at home of the new addition to their family, little Alexa. You may remember Alexa’s older brother, Nicholas, who was our first Tiny Light. We were thrilled to see the family again and to see how well Nicholas is doing. Nicholas is cuter than ever and he still has awesome crazy hair. His big brother Jake cracked us up. Jake even told me when we came in that he remembered that I was allergic to dogs and that he was always thinking. Alexa is absolutely adorable.

Thank you Sheryl, Tim, Jake, Nicholas & Alexa for a great family photo session. We really loved seeing how much the boys have grown and getting to meet Alexa. Thank you for having us in your home.

Isn’t Alexa super cute?Big brother Jake was being his usual feisty and hilarious self.At first Nick wasn’t sure what to make of usBut he warmed up quickly and made us all giggleAnytime we’re feeling a little down we just have to look at these photos of cheerful little Nick. Doesn’t he just melt your heart and make you smile? I love these photos of the family together

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