Tiny Light – Lovely Ashton

We were thrilled when the Tiny Light Foundation got in touch with us and sent us Ashton and his family to photograph. When I called Ashton’s mom, Denise, to plan the session she told me that they didn’t have a good family photo with all them together since they have 5 kids! Wow! As soon as we walked into their house for their photo session we felt right at home. The family is so loving and so much fun which you can tell by their awesome & colourful outfits. Ashton is a sweetheart and is so affectionate with his family. He kept on stroking his baby sister, Evelyn’s, head and giving big hugs to his Mom and kisses to his Dad. The whole family loves music and the Annoying Orange just like we do. We also loved seeing how loving big sister Allura was with all her brothers and sisters. Little Evelyn gave us her biggest smile when she saw that we were leaving which was so cute. Lizzy & Braydon were hilarious and kept on making us giggle. It was a real pleasure for us to spend time with the amazing family.

Thank you Denise, Shaun, Allura, Ashton, Braydon, Lizzy & Evelyn, for a lovely afternoon.  We hope that we will get the chance to see you again sometime soon.

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