1st Birthday Photo Session & Cake Smash!

1 month old verses 1 year oldFriends, the other day we had little Lucas, Steve & Jordanne at the studio for Lucas’ first birthday photo session and cake smash. What a treat it was to see this lovely family again. Lucas is the cutest little cutie pie! We must have sounded so funny as we edited through the photos and kept on squealing about how cute Lucas is. If we could pinch his cheeks through the computer screen, we would have. We loved seeing how big Lucas is gotten and having him walking around the studio and talking away to us in his own little language. It means the world to us to help our clients document their family as they grow older. Isn’t it so cute how Lucas still is making the same face above now that he’s 1 as when he was just a few days old?

We ended up having to do two shoots with Lucas. At the first shoot Lucas all of a sudden fell sick, as little ones can do. He just cuddled up to his mom and then fell asleep. We totally understand when this happens and we were happy to reschedule the photo session for another day when Lucas was better. The second photo session we had with Lucas was hilarious. He carried around one of his favourite things, an apple, he played his little piano and then he had some birthday cake. Cake smash photo sessions are always a riot and Lucas did a great job getting cake everywhere!

Thank you so much, Lucas, Jordanne & Steve, for sharing your family milestones with us. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!


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